The PIEN batch stem vase is the largest vase in the LINO Lab collection. Although these vases are dense, heavyweight and solid, they are soft to the touch and warm on the eye. Finished with elongated glass insets. Statement interior accessories.

The LIO Single Stem Vase, LIN Pendant, and PIEN Batch Stem Vase form the studios first product range, LINO Lab. All the products are driven by the potential of the under-celebrated qualities of Linoleum flooring, one of the most environmentally clean surface materials, yet largely replaced by vinyl flooring – quicker, cheaper, brighter. The product range disrupts our familiar associations of Linoleum as a flooring product by re-appropriating it to craft – a context that is deeply rooted in its production but rarely noted in its mass-manufactured setting. By transforming this industrialised product into something intimately social, the products celebrate Linoleum’s malleable personality.

LINO Lab calls on you to unlearn Linoleum – betray the familiar, shake it off, speculate with a hammer.

Bringing Linoleum back into interiors from a different perspective.