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The Lio single stem vases have been turned by hand on a lathe. The colour combinations in the 16 variations of the Lio vase have been paired from a choice of eight Marmoleum products: Scarlet, Relaxing Lagoon, Natural Corn, Concrete, Adriatica, Hyacinth, Marigold and Mellow Yellow

These lively yet muted vases are inset with glass tubes to hold single stems that elongate the playful forms.

These vases are particularly dynamic in small collections to energise and animate interiors.

This product is part of a project that disrupts our familiar associations of Linoleum as a flooring product by re-appropriating it to craft – a context that is deeply rooted in its production but rarely noted in its mass-manufactured setting. By transforming this industrialised product into something intimately social, the products celebrate Linoleum’s malleable personality.