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The Lin pendant lights have been turned by hand on the lathe from laminated blocks of hand cut Linoleum squares.

The facing surface of the pendants bare the side of Linoleum flooring rather than the top, revealing the colour running all the way through the material in contrast to cheaper and quicker competitors. The subtly darker lines in each layer expose the recycled layer of Linoleum that is pressed into every newly manufactured roll in a cradle-cradle form of production.

The thickness and weight of the pendants point to the quality of Linoleum and its raw materials. They have been finished with a natural jute cord and a solid wood E27 fitting lamp holder.

Playful and subtly vibrant.

This product is part of a project that disrupts our familiar associations of Linoleum as a flooring product by re-appropriating it to craft – a context that is deeply rooted in its production but rarely noted in its mass-manufactured setting. By transforming this industrialised product into something intimately social, the products celebrate Linoleum’s malleable personality.